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Russell Mill & Strawberry Hill

From the Market place take the road signposted Northbrook, this will take you down the hill where you will find a path to your left which follows the stream. Walk 4 Northbrook & the Stream MLAV12 MLAV2 & Canada woods (alternate route) MLAV7 & Manor House Woods MLAV2 Russell Mill WLAV12 Cheverell Rd WLAV9 Strawberry Hill Strawberry Hill Rickbarton Rutts Lane & Stibb Hill MLAV26 Mountpleasant Yard & The Broadwell This short path exits at the lower Grove Farm roundabout where you have a choice. This sample walk take you up Canada Rise but you could follow the footpath at the base of Canada woods (MLAV2) which will take you past the bubbling kettle (spring), past Dauntseys golf course to the woods where it joins footpath (MLAV7)at the manor house woods.Dauntseys Manor

At the top of the short hill to Canada rise you will find a footpath on your right, this path (MLAV12) has now been surfaced and as such is easy going in all but the foulest weather. About halfway along Spin Hill you will find a footpath to your left near the telephone box (opposite the last of the houses on your right), This is footpath (MLAV7) and it will take you to where it joins (MLAV2) by the manor house woods. MLAV7 was much wider years ago and could easily accommodate a wagon and horses to and from Littleton Panell.

Carry straight on (or take the left track if you arrived via the golf course) down MLAV2, this can become rather boggy after heavy rain. Care needs to be taken as the path narrows and follows a deep cutting until it finally opens out at the bottom of Russell Mill Lane. Footpath exit at Russell Mill Lane

Having crossed the bridge at the bottom of the hill (trout can often be seen in the stream, these fish are descendants of ones that escaped from the now defunct trout farm) we climb up to where the main A360 passes through the village. Turning left walk for a very short distance before finding a footpath on the opposite side of the road. This footpath (WLAV12) turns right and runs parallel to the main road until it exits on the B3098 Cheverell (Westbury) road at Dauntseys School.

We now need to turn left onto the road and follow it past the school and around the bend; unfortunately the road has no pavement so great care is needed. Shortly after the bend you will find a track on the left which runs toward the line of hills marking the edge of the plain. This is track (WLAV9) and we follow across the fields to the base of the hills where we then turn left and follow a tree lined track as it slowly climbs and winds it way around the side of Strawberry hill. View eastwards from Strawberry HillAs we pass the television relay and mobile phone Ariel’s you will discover wonderful views to the east where you can see Market Lavington (St Mary’s Church) in the middle distance behind West Lavington (All Saints Church). The hills in the far distance are those of Horton Down, All Cannings Down and Harestone Down. As the footpath descends we come across a road which (turning left) will take us down into West Lavington turning sharp right at the bottom of Strawberry Hill into White Street. After a short distance the road bares left into Rickbarton, we follow the road down to the A360.  

At this point we cross the road and take Rutts Lane which runs up the hill from Dial house until it joins Stibb hill where we turn right and continue to climb for a short while. On encountering a junction of tracks we take the one on the left which will lead us from the woods down toward and past Periwinkle pond (dew pond) on footpath (MLAV26). This path runs from Periwinkle pond (Rams Cliff) across the fields to Mount Pleasant Yard at the base of Lavington Hill in Market Lavington.

Turn left into White street as you enter the village and pass the Broadwell on your left before coming to the village crossroads at the post office. Turn right to the Market place.

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Mostly dry but boots would be required after very wet weather.
Some tracks can also be very slippery at times.This walk takes between 2hr 15 mins and 2hr 30 mins at a medium pace.