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The Warren & Gore Cross

From the Market place cross the road,turn right and take the footpath which runs alongside the Chinese Fish and Chip shop (MLAV37). At the end of the path turn right into the Clay for 30yds before taking the footpath on the left (MLAV25). After 150yds this footpath turn sharply to the right, taking you to White Street.

Walk 3 MLAV37 MLAV25 MLAV26 Stibb hill & Rutts lane Rickbarton Track to the Warren The Warren Robbers Stone & Gore Cross Wessex Ridgeway Wessex Ridgeway Lavington Hill Cross White street and take the lane signposted ‘Mount pleasant Yard’ after 30 yds this road turns to the right and continues through a tree lined cutting and onto a more exposed track (MLAV26) which runs across the fields towards the bottom of Ram’s cliff near West Lavington.
The track eventually passes Periwinkle pond, this is the dew pond to your left just before the track becomes chalky, less rutted and begins to climb the side of the hill. We continue onwards & upwards towards the wooded area, here we come across a junction where we require the right hand option, which takes us down Stibb Hill towards the village (this area is know locally as 'New Town'). Turning left at this point would take you through the woods and up to the plain. After a short while we take the Rutts Lane to the left, which leads to the A360 at Dial house.

Cross the main road and take the lane opposite signposted ‘Rickbarton’ at the top of the lane turn left. This lane runs south for about a quarter of a mile past Warren Farm to the woods where we turn once again to the left at a crossroad of tracks.

Follow the track through the woods for about 400 yds and you will come to the warren. West Lavington History This is a truly beautiful lake and woodland setting and is well worth taking in for a few minutes.The WarrenFollowing the track once again we start to climb through the woods until we emerge at the top of the hill, continue following the track until it meets the main road. At this point you will see a large engraved stone on the other side of the road, this is known as the ‘Robbers Stone and it tells the story of 4 local highwaymen. We need to cross the road but the safest thing to do is to walk parallel with it until you come across the tank crossing.

Looking West back towards Gore CrossCross the main road and follow the tank track until it joins the ridge way road at Gore Cross farm, take the road that climbs gently away from Gore Cross towards the east. The Wessex ridge way runs for about a mile before coming across the Market Lavington Vedette at the top of Lavington Hill (640ft above sea level).

Turn left and take the road down Lavington Hill towards the village. The narrow road widens out into White street as you enter the village and pass the Broadwell on your left before coming to the village crossroads at the post office. Turn right to the Market place.


Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Mostly dry but boots would be required after very wet weather.
This walk takes between 2hr 15 mins and 2hr 30 mins at a medium pace. Great views!