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White Street & the Plain to Easterton

From the Market place cross the road and take the footpath which runs alongside the Chinese Fish and Chip shop (MLAV37). At the end of the path turn right into the Clay for 30yds before taking the footpath on the left (MLAV25). After 150yds this footpath turn sharply to the right, taking you to White Street. Walking the plain to Easterton MLAV25 & MLAV24 Lavington Hill MLAV31 alternate route down MLAV37MLAV24 EAST22 MLAV24

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

We however will be going straight ahead using footpath (MLAV24) which runs between the field and the houses on the left. On reaching the point where the last garden ends we need to look across the field to the houses in the hollow which you will find very slightly to your right and the end of a line of trees. The footpath runs across the field directly to these houses but can be rather obscure and in fact non-existent after ploughing.
Having crossed the field we join White Street and take it upwards toward the plain. This can be a deceivingly long hill and you may have to take a break before you get to the top. About 200yds from the top is the Market Lavington reservoir; this is the holding area for the village water supply the source of which is in Easterton where we will descend from the plain.
At the top of the hill we find the ridgeway track (by-way) which runs both East and West from the Lavington Hill Vedette (640ft above sea level). The vedette is used by the range wardens when there is army activity in the training area - which will be denoted by flying a red flag. 
Turn left along the ridgeway. In the middle horizon you can make out a line of bushes to the left of the ridgeway, this is where we are aiming for. As you walk long the gravel road you cant help but notice the paLooking back towards the village from White Stnoramic views. On a clear day, facing North, you can see the hills near Frome (extreme left), the hills behind Bath, Colerne, Corsham, Devizes & Roundway hill and then the hills behind Bishops Cannings which then run into the hills above Alton Barnes(extreme right).

100 yds before we reach the bushes there is a footpath sign pointing down the hill. In very wet weather it is suggested that this is the better route to take back to the village. It runs directly down the hill and emerges on Fiddington Hill Rd at the nurseries.(A)

Assuming the ground isn’t too wet we continue for 100yds and take the track which forks to the left. This track is mainly chalk and can become very slippery when wet so take care. As you descend from the plain you are treated to one of the best views of the village regardless of the time of year. As the track flattens out yoView to the west as you descend from the plainu will pass the pumping station which is the village water source, the next house is Clays farm (Easterton), years ago this farm was actively cultivating land on this side of the plain but these days it is a private residence. The road is now tarmac as we carry on down to the next house which is named ‘The Clay’. Again we have a choice to make, in very wet weather the footpath opposite the house (EAST22) is very muddy and will require Wellington boots.
The path runs through a tree-lined cutting and emerges at the (A) junction of Fiddington Hill and Stirling Road.This is where you would emerge if you opted for the drier route down from the plain. Turn towards the village, cross Melrose Close and then take the footpath straight ahead as the road turns to the right. This footpath will bring you out on the Clays. The alternative route is to follow the road into Easterton (turning left at Fairfield Farm). Looking back at Fairfield Farm in Easterton (The dry route)Turn left onto the main road  following it around the bend, over Drove Lane and past the Market Lavington Surgery. Cross the road at the roundabout into Fiddington Clay, pass Hamilton drive on the left and then cross the road again as the road bares to the left you will find a footpath to your right, this footpath will take you onto the clays.

MLAV24 the clays. After passing the allotments, and opposite the first house on the left, you will find a small footpath to you right which will bring you through the Green Dragon car park and back to the Market Place.



Boots would be required after wet weather, options are given for decent from the plain.This walk takes between 1hr 15 mins and 1hr 30 mins at a medium pace.