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Notes:Mostly dry but boots would be required after wet weather.
This walk takes between 1hr 15 mins and 1hr 30 mins at a medium pace.

The Kings Road & Easterton CommonOverview of this walk Northbrook MLAV1A MLAV1A Kings Road Easterton Sands By-Way Easterton Common East15 & Village Hall EAST1 MLAV16 Drove Lane Past the Surgery Fiddington Clay MLAV39 Townsend MLAV24 The Clays

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

From the Market place take the road signposted Northbrook, this will take you down the hill, across the stream, and then up again to an open area, which has numerous footpaths leading from it. From here there are commanding views to the South setting the village against the background of Salisbury plain. Facing away from the village the footpath that we require (MLAV1A) runs directly North across the field and is not the tarmac path to the right leading to St Barnabas School. At the top of the field you will find a stile, from here the path runs beside a large fenced field before reaching another stile which is at a junction where footpath MLAV10 joins from the left. MLAV10 would take you to Spin hill. Now follow straight on crossing another stile after 100yds and then veering to the right, this follows the hedge line passing over yet another stile before reaching Kings Rd at its junction with Parham Lane and the Drove lane track at Wayside cottage. Easterton Sands By-Way looking East

We now turn right along Kings Rd and continue for about a quarter of a mile until it turns sharply to the right. At this point we leave Kings Rd and carry straight on for about a quarter of a mile along Easterton Sands marked ‘By-way’ to where the road turns to the left at Sands Farm. Again carry straight on keeping Sands Farm to your left, the road then turns into a track after a couple of hundred yards. The track now runs besides fields belonging to Sand Farm. Again wonderful views of the plain to the South are set as a backdrop to an area dedicated to equestrian training. You may have to negotiate some puddles at the far end of the track! After another 300 yds you come to a junction of tracks. Easterton Common

At this point we need to turn to our immediate right, this will lead us down through a tree lined cutting and eventually to the tarmac of Easterton Common. Follow the road down the shallow hill, 80 yds after Elm cottage on your left, you will find a footpath to your right (next to a field opening) this path runs along the rear wall of Easterton Manor Farm.This is the Easterton Footpath (EAST15) and it will eventually take you to the Easterton village hall grounds, you may find some local archers practising here but the path is set to one side of their practice area.Looking back at the gate - Easterton Village Hall

Pass the Village hall on your left and you will find that you have once again joined the Kings Rd at the rear of St Barnabas's church. Keeping the church on your left you will very quickly come to a sharp left hand bend where the road crosses the stream. As the road bares left you will find a track to the right signposted as The Drove (Sam Moore Lane). Follow this track for a short distance where it will turn sharply left just before a white cottage. This footpath (EAST1) runs along the ridge parallel to the main road for a few hundred yards before it emerges on Oak Lane (the Royal Oak pub being at the bottom of the hill). Our route takes us straight across Oak lane and along the footpath opposite (MLAV16). After three hundred yards we emerge on Drove lane. Turn left down the hill and then turn right were it meets the main road, follow the path past the Market Lavington Surgery and then cross the road at the roundabout into Fiddington Clay. Cross Hamilton drive and then cross over the road where you will quickly come across a footpath to your right (MLAV39) signposted as Townsend. This path soon splits both left & right, take the right turning bringing you into Stobarts Rd where you turn left and then right again onto a track (MLAV24 the clays) which runs from Stobarts Rd to White street. After passing the allotments, and opposite the first house on the left, you will find a small footpath to you right which will bring you through the Green Dragon car park and back to the Market Place.